Hello everyone!  This is very exciting…our first blog post!  We are so excited to be sharing our space and love for art, photography and the creative process.  Our plan is fluid right now.  We are trying to find what feels right for us and what is right for you, so please chime in if something excites you or if you would just like to chat.

I love TED Talks.  Like reallllyyyy love TED talks.  You might want to call it a mild addiction.  The other day I came across Phil Hansen’s, “Embrace the Shake” talk that he did back in 2013 and it resonated so strongly with me that I couldn’t wait to share it.  We’ve been through so many changes over the last couple of years.  Some good, some not so good.  Sometimes I wake up and wonder if we broke our life in two by the changes that we have made and that were forced upon us.  Most of the time, I know things are going exactly as they should.  But Phil Hansen states it perfectly in his talk, and through amazing examples as well.

Here was someone who felt totally lost due to a physical limitation to being an artist that he gave up for a while. It made both Mike and I take a close look at what has been limiting us with our work and our lives as creatives.  I can say that before hearing Phil speak, I never would have looked at the things limiting me as a way to push myself creatively.  Maybe we first need to be limited to become limitless.  Maybe you need to destroy something before you create it.  Whatever it is, you must commit to the process.  Let go of the outcome and failures that you fear.  Instead, think only of what is next. How will we move forward and make something different?

Here we are.  Embracing our flaws, our differences and our limitations and aiming to transform ourselves and our community through what makes us different.

We are all unique.  This is no news to anyone.  What needs to start happening is that we embrace each other’s uniqueness.

So take 10 minutes to watch Phil’s talk.  I think it will give you some insight as to what we want to do here at the Creative Lab.  We want to do something different.  We are so excited to start this journey and can’t wait for you to join us on it.