Private Art Lessons and Art Journey Packages for Adults + Children/Teens

When you think of the word journey, what comes to your mind?  For us we think of exploring, learning, the unknown, taking chances, growth…just to start.  There are so many directions that one might go.  Where do you want to go?  With art and especially with your creativity? The path can lead to an adventure, but the changes and things we learn along the way make it a journey.  With these packages, we will work along side you to help you find the power and confidence to create in an environment that is free from judgement.  We will work alongside you to concentrate on the process of creating rather than merely focusing on only the product. It is the process of creating that teaches us about ourselves and life.

We are all born makers!

For Adults

• Create a Creative Self Care Practice
• Explore New Media and Materials
• Guided 100 Days Project
• Art Parties with Your Friends

For Children/Teens

• How to See Color
• Explore New Media and Materials
• How to Put Good Into the World with Art
• Art Lessons with Friends or your Parents

private class

  • Discover the joy of creating art mindfully and without judgment. This lesson includes a one hour private art lesson with Heather Krakora at the beautiful Krakora Studios Art Studio.

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intro bundle

  • An introductory class series to help you discover the joy of creating art mindfully and without judgment. These lessons include 3 one hour private art lessons with Heather Krakora at the beautiful Krakora Studios Art Studio.

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10 class bundle

  • Perfect when you know you want to create more, but need to have someone there to hold you accountable for your new art practice. Discover the joy of creating art mindfully and without judgment with Heather during these 10 one hour private art lessons at the beautiful Krakora Studios Art Studio.

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I felt so honored to be able to create in this magical space you have. Art can be so therapeutic, and being able to do it in such an tranquil environment made it even more so. My piece was inspired by your message that there are no rules when it comes to creating. There is no right way or wrong way. Sometimes you just have to slap some paint on and see what happens. If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it. And when you can let go of the fear of “messing up” or not being “perfect,” beautiful things can happen. Rachael V

Heather, your studio is amazing and a place I *want* to be. I loved how you provided this novice artist with different materials and guidance but I could create whatever I wanted! It was fun to play. It was relaxing. And I love what I created because you facilitated it as being a reflection of *me.* I smile whenever I see it on the wall.
Laura G

I can’t believe you got me to paint Heather – I’m so, so grateful. Even though it was terrifying  I have so much respect and appreciation for you as a person, a woman, a creator and a healer. Thank you for welcoming us into your sacred space. Brandi G

Thank YOU Heather for opening your home, your studio, your space to us and being so inviting to share your beautiful and talented gifts through expression of your artwork. Your studio has incredible, beautiful, peaceful and harmonic energy throughout every square inch. I’m SO grateful that we all were brought together for a higher and greater good. xo Kimberly W

Thank you Heather! On a number of occasions this week I found myself wanting to be back in your studio with you and the other ladies and just savor that moment. Please keep doing these events!!

Jennifer J

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