Welcome to The Lab

Where creativity is our science. Explore, invent, make rules and break rules. All in the name of art.


Why do we call our classes Journeys instead of classes?

Well – because we believe that art and life are both great journeys and that we should approach them both as they are – unlimited and full of potential.

{Plus, it just sounds more fun than a class, right?!?}


Photography Journeys

Don’t let your camera do the thinking. We will teach how to slow down and capture the images you want, while pushing your creativity.



This is for people who are looking to take the next step in creating their business or fine-tuning their existing on. We are an open book. Together, we will create a custom experience just for you.
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Mindful Art Journeys

Mindful Art Journeys for adults and children. We will help you find the freedom to express yourself with your creative voice!


Art Parties for Adults

Hang out with your friends in our awesome space that just begs for you to kick back and get creative. You bring the beverages and we provide the Creative Art Journeys where everyone leaves with a piece of art. Starting at $45/person | 6pm – 9pm | Name Your Date.

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